2018年4月14日 星期六

This month has lots of quizzes in elementary school

Today I want to tell you about why this month has lots of quizzes in school, if you read my blog, I will tell you in this blog.

If you listen to your teacher, maybe your teacher said about this month have midterm exam, and you need to practice about this.

Maybe your school has lots of quizzes, and you don't like it, but if you do that, your score can be better, so this is why your school has lots of quizzes.

After this exam, when it is June, you need to do final exam, and June has lots of quizzes, so you will feel sad, but the reward is you can be smart.

When I go home, I read lots of book, and sometimes I will answer some questions, so this is how can you be smarter, you can do it.

You can try your best, and read lots of book, maybe you can write blog, so in one day your teacher said you need to write something, you can be quickly to finish it.

When I need to go to school, I felt very sad, but if I cry, I still need to go to my school, and if I go to school, I can learn about lots of things.

If you stay at home, you can read textbook, but you can't play with your friend, if you want to play with your friend, maybe you can ask them to go to your home and play.

If you want to get 100 in your quiz, you can try it, and if you make it wrong, you can learn it, so next time you will not get wrong in the quiz.

I think today is happy, because I tell you about how can you get high score in your quiz, so if your classmates see my blog and try, they will be smarter.