2018年4月16日 星期一

A big exam in our school tomorrow

Today I want to tell everyone about tomorrow there is an exam in my school, I was very excited, I want to get high score, and Wednesday there is a math exam.

If I can get 100 in my exam, I will feel very happy, and my family will feel happy, too, but if I didn't get 100, I will feel sad.

When I am in my home, I tried to read some books and practice about math, and when I am in my school, I try to practice my Mandarin.

I know sometimes when I am answering the questions, I know answer, but I choose another answer, so this time I can't do it.

I practice about lots of things, but sometimes I will forget, so I need to practice more, if I do something silly, I will think I am not smart.

I  will try my best and do it well, because I want to have good score for this exam, I think everyone wants to get good score, so you need to read lots of books.

If you don't want to read the book, you can still be smart, but you need to listen to your teacher, and when your teacher is speaking, you can't talk.

If you talk when your teacher is talking, maybe your teacher will not talk anymore, so you can't learn about what your teacher said.

I want to have a good score for this exam, I really want to get 100, if I try very hard, I can get it, but now I feel excited, I want to get high score in this exam.

I think today I am excited, because tomorrow there is an exam, and I think maybe I can't get high score, so I need to practice about this.