2018年4月21日 星期六

We feel tired today

Today I and my family went to lots of places, so my family all felt tired, and now I want to tell everybody about what did we do.

In the morning, we went to a museum to get something for my sister, because my sister is the first place of science, and now we need to get a thing that certify my sister's first place.

My sister needed to take a picture, when we were waiting for everybody, we felt very angry, because we need to wait for a long time.

When we were waiting, we waited 3 hour and 30 minutes, and we can't go inside the room that my sister needed to get the reward.

When I was waiting, I played a little bit, because my father's new account needs to buy Cyclops, my father uses Cyclops very well if he plays with me.

When we need to go home, we went to some places to see what my sister did, after that we need to go home, later we need to listen to my father.

When it is in the afternoon, we go home and we bought lunch, so we need to go to a bookstore, and my father needs to speak to everybody.

My father is talking about VOC, and my father told us about the Netherlands, my father told us Japan VS the Netherlands, this is fun to listen.

We went home again, and then we need to go restaurant to eat Mother's day dinner, and I ate lots of fruit and drank lots of water.

After that we went to a store, I bought another Squirtle, so now I had two Squirtles, then we went home, and started to write blog.

I think today I felt tired and a little bit happy, because today I and my family went to three places and we had some fun.