2018年5月16日 星期三

Dragon boat

Today I want to tell everybody that I drew a picture in winter vacation, that is my winter vacation work, I want to draw very good.

When my teacher is saying the winter vacation work, my teacher said maybe we can draw dragon boats or Mother's Day.

I choose dragon boats, because I don't know how to draw Mother's Day, I just know I can draw my Mom, and I am hugging my Mom.

If I draw dragon boat, I can draw lots of people are watching, and I can draw more dragon boats, so it will be prettier.

If you just draw one dragon boat, and everyone just think you are lazy, and I think you can draw some houses, next to the dragon boats.

I drew two people are saying 'go', because the dragon boats that is prettier is faster than another one,they want the pretty one to win.

The ugly one have nobody on it, but maybe they are on the back of the dragon boat, the pretty one is almost winning.

And I wish the pretty one can win, they have a person that use drum, and lots of people are rowing the dragon boat.

If you want to see my picture, at the top of this blog has a picture, everytime I will give you a picture or a video.

I think today I felt happy, because today I tell you about the dragon boat I drew, but I think today is too late, so next time if I have a picture, I will be very fast to tell you.