2018年5月7日 星期一

How to improve your skills

Today I want to tell everybody about how to improve your skill, so you can easily defeat enemies, and that is good to learn.

When I am playing Joker, I will hide in the bushes, and I will think about where the enemies will go, so when they go there, I can hit them.

When they see I am in the bush, I can use ultimate, ultimates are all very powerful, so they will be dead, and I can get some kills.

Sometimes I use the first skill, and then run into the bush, when you can use again, you use it, so they will be dead.

His first skill can be very hurt, maybe the enemies have a tank, when you use the first skill, they just think that is not very powerful.

If you want to use tank, maybe you can be very strong, just like Grakk in AOV, he is very hard to defeat if you want to defeat Grakk, you can ask top global.

Sometimes when my Dad is using marksman, and he just shoot and shoot, then lots of tank dead, so I think that is amazing.

When you are fighting with tank, you will win, but if there is a marksman or a mage, you will lose, because when you are fighting, mage will defeat you.

If you have any question, you can tell me in the game, but you need to know my name, maybe someday I will tell you my nickname.

I think today I felt happy, because today I tell everybody how to use skills properly, maybe you can come from this. I use lots of times to practice.