2018年5月11日 星期五

I can use Martis very well with my Dad

Today I want to tell everyone about that I can use Martis super strong with my Dad, today when me and Dad are playing ML.

We get maniac, because we win four times in classic, now I will tell you a thing about my Balmond, one time I use Balmond to get savage.

When I am learning how to use Martis, I tried very hard, now I can use his first skill to kill people or let my teammates to kill enemies.

Martis is a good hero when enemies have low HP, and when they want to escape, you use your first skill, and then your teammate can kill them.

When a place have a team fight, you need to go there quickly, because you can use your first skill to stun enemies.

One time there is team fight I go there, and I used my first skill, then we win this team flight, because I used it to catch lots of people.

When I did that, my Dad said I used Martis well, so now I can use Martis or Balmond, and maybe Lesley, these are my favorite heroes.

I use Martis well, nobody can use Martis when I am using Martis, Martis is my favorite, win rate is 76%, I think that is high.

My Dad always says I am better than before, before I don't know how to use the first skill, now I can use it to do many things, and that is very good to use.

I think today I felt happy, because today I played Martis, and the best is I got four victories with my Dad, this is very hard to get.