2018年5月10日 星期四

My English school will have a speaking contest

Today I want to tell everybody about that my English school will have a speaking contest, and you need to do many things, let me tell you the rules.

The rule is if you don't bring your reward passport, you can't get 50 points, and all the point that you can get in this contest.

When the teacher sees you not bringing it, you can't do this contest, this is like a ticket, you need to have a ticket, so you can go to this contest.

The another rule is if you are little, you need to speak for more than 30 seconds, but you can't say beyond two minutes, so you need to practice.

If you didn't do that, you will minus lots of points, maybe -10 points, so you need to be careful, don't do this, this is very silly.

If you are older, you need to say more than 90 seconds, but you can't speak beyond 5 minutes, 5 minutes is very long, so this is hard to say more than 5 minutes.

You can take the poem to say, but your points will be lower than the people that know how to say, because you don't know, and you can get high points, this is very strange.

If you prepare some items, you can get some points, so I will try to make some items, and give the teachers to see me.

If you do some action, you can get more points, and if you speak properly, you didn't speak like robot, you can get more points, but I think you need to do lots of things, this is very hard.

I think today I felt excited, because this competition, will be in 5/28, I need to practice action, and learn how to speak properly, and make some items.