2018年5月18日 星期五

My sister taught my Mom and me about nature

Today I want to tell everybody about that my sister taught my Mom and me about nature and now I would like to tell why.

My sister did that, it is because my sister needs to practice her nature, and then my Mom can learn about nature things.

It is about what the animals eat, and how they can escape from the big animals, this is important, because when you grow up, you may have a job about nature.

If you can be a nature people, that is very cool, because lots of people don't know animals, and they just work, they don't know about nature.

If you don't know about nature things, when you want to be a nature person, you can't be, because you don't know what can animals do.

And let me tell you about what my teacher said, the teacher is my sister, tell about their feet, some of them are very big.

And some of them have webs, and they can swim easily, so this is a different feet, and some of them have the same feet at all, and that mean they are crawling very well.

And she told us about herbivorous and carnivorous, they are different, because the herbivorous animals eat grass, and carnivorous animals eat meat.

And some of them eat meat and grass, the human is like that, we eat the vegetables and meat, and the pig, too. They eat grass and eat meat.

I think today I felt happy, because my sister told me about natural thing, and my Mom knows more, my sister practiced, this is great.