2018年5月6日 星期日

Now I like to play Arena of Valor

Today I want to tell everybody about that I play Arena of Valor, if you want to use DC hero right now, it is free to use these heroes.

Or you can use AIC hero, but I don't know what is AIC, there are 5 AIC heroes, and there are five DC hero, so we can use 10 free heroes.

I checked the internet, now I know AIC stands for Arena of Valor International Championship.

Yesterday I used Tulen, when I am using, I thought that is strong, yesterday I use Joker, Joker is marksman, his first skill is very powerful.

When everyone is level 15, the Joker use his first skill then he use ultimate, one second you will be dead, so you don't need to fight with Joker.

Joker is very strong, if you can use, you need to use, when you are using Joker, you will know how strong Joker is.

When you use ultimate, enemies will be slower, you can be -50 HP from enemies, when you use the first skill, enemies will be dead.

His first skill is the Joker throws a thing to the front, when you hit enemies, they will be hurt, if you throw two , they will be dead.

His second skill is when you used it, you can speed up, but you can't use it to fight, so I think that is very bad, I want to use it, and you can attack.

His ultimate is Joker will put a bomb on your head, then Joker came back, wait for one second, it will broke, and that is hurt.

I think today I felt happy, because today I used Joker, and I think that is very strong, everyone wants to use him, nobody hates him.