2018年5月1日 星期二

Our classroom got second place in rope-jumping race

I want to tell you that our classroom got second place in rope-jumping race. If your class can get top 3, your class will having extra one more watermelon.

When we heard that, we felt very surprised, because our class's rope-jumping is not better than lots of classes, but we still can get second place.

If we didn't practice lots of times, we just play play play, we can't get this award, but something is not lucky, because I don't like to eat watermelons.

We can't take watermelons home, I can't give it to my family to eat, if my family can eat watermelon, they'll feel happy.

My sister liked to eat watermelons, now I will tell you why, because sister said 'if I can eat watermelon, I'll feel good'.

Now I will tell you why I don't want to eat watermelon, because you can see lots of seeds, and I think that is yucky, so I don't want to eat.

If you want to eat, I can't do it, because I can't bring it to the place, but maybe your school has this race, so maybe you can get watermelons.

I don't know I want lots of people say watermelon is very yummy, but if I eat it, I'll think it is so so, and sometimes that is not really yummy.

I thought this is special, because if you can get top 3, you can get extra one more watermelon, but this is what I need to do.

I think today I felt happy, because our teacher said we got second place, and we practiced a lot, so today we got the award .