2018年5月31日 星期四

Today I had a sports class in my school

Today I want to tell everybody that today I had a sports class in my school, and I felt scared, and I think I was lucky.

We still need to go to sports class, but now we don't need to have a rope jumping quiz, and boys have a soccer contest.

The girl was practicing rope jumping, so next time they need to have this, too. And that was very easy to get one hundred, but sometimes they just miss.

Miss is OK, but I can get one hundred, so I did it very well, then I would like to tell you about the rules that in this contest.

The first rule is, you need to kick five times, and one ball is twenty points, so that is very bad if you miss, and I said that is OK.

When you are kicking, another person that needs to kick the ball next needs to take soccer, so you can kick again and again.

If you finish, you can go to practice rope jumping, and the next time is the girl's soccer contest, so maybe they will practice.

If they have no time to practice that is very unfortunate, because you need to make the soccer go inside the soccer gate.

If you don't do that you will have zero points, so that is not very good, everyone wants to get high score, so we need to practice.

I think today I felt happy, because today I am lucky, and I am not very good at rope jumping, I can jump 33 times.