2018年5月8日 星期二

Today is my mom's birthday

Today I want to tell everybody about that today is my Mom's birthday, when we went home I told my Mom that I love her.

When I need to go to school, I will feel sad, but when I can go home I will feel very happy, because I can see my family, my family is my favorite people in this world.

Everybody likes their family, but sometimes they will fight, and when I feel sad in my home, I will just run into my bedroom.

I will cry in my bedroom, then my Mom and Dad will call me to go out, when I go out, I will feel very angry, because I felt bad.

If you feel not good, when you see, and you will just don't talk to them, everytime I do like that, but I don't know why.

I know today is my Mom's birthday, I don't have time to write something to my Mom, because I need to read books.

I can give my Mom a card, I will do it, but now it is my Mom's birthday, I need to give her, if I can do that, maybe tomorrow I can do it.

I think the card is not very good, so maybe I can do something good to my Mom, and maybe I can give her present.

Everytime my Mom say I need to be nice, I need to be very nice, and my mom will feel happy, this is what I think my Mom needs.

I think today I felt happy, because today is my Mom's birthday, I didn't do anything to my mom, but now I will try to do it.