2018年5月26日 星期六

Tomorrow I can't listen to my Dad's speech and homeschooling

Today I want to tell everybody about that tomorrow I can't listen to my Dad's speech and homeschooling, and I think I am unlucky, because I can't see my Dad.

And I will go to my grandmother's house, then the night of Sunday, my Mom will get me back to my home, then I need to go to school.

I thought everyone doesn't like to go to school, but if you don't do that, you need to do homeschooling, lots of people don't like homeschooling, and I don't know why.

Maybe it is because their Mom and Dad need to go to their office, and they have no time to speak to their children, then their children will feel boring.

If the children have nothing to do, and just read some books, maybe they don't really know the things inside the book.

There are lots of things inside the book, but maybe you need to teach them, so they know what does that mean, this is the better way you can do if you do homeschooling.

And maybe when I am grade two, I will not go to my school, I will go homeschooling, and I still need to go to my English class to practice English.

And if you want to be homeschooling, it is not very easy, you need to do the best, so you can learn more than the children that in school.

I will learn things that I don't know now, then I can win lots of people, but you need to do, if you just think about that,  you can't do it, so I will try my best.

I think today I felt a little bit unfortunately, because I can't see my Dad this weekend, and I need to wait for another weekend.