2018年5月2日 星期三

Tomorrow my sister will have tug-of-war

Today I want to tell everybody about that tomorrow my sister will have a tug-of-war. Her classmates are good, and she is good, too.

When they are pulling, her class defeated the class in one second, her class is amazing, because tug-of-war is hard but she is good at it.

Now her class have got double kill, and I hope my sister's class can get another two victories, then they will be the champion. She said the class that she needs to fight have many heavy people.

Heavy people can easily defeat the person that is very thin. I don't know which team can win, this is very hard to think about.

One team has lots of heavy people, and there is a team that can defeat other team in one second, both teams are strong, so this is not easy to do.

Now my sister's team is the top 4 teams, if they win, they can be top 2, and if they win again, they can be the first place this time.

This is not easy to defeat other teams, I didn't do it, but I know what my sister felt, when I am little, I played it, and I think that is difficult.

When you are playing, you can feel that, I really hope her team can defeat the team, and he can defeat more teams. This is what I wanted to happen.

If her team can defeat the team, her team needs to defeat the strong team, because if they are not strong, they can't get top 2.

I think today I felt happy, because today I listened to my sister, and my sister said she wanted to win, and I can know what she is thinking.