2018年6月6日 星期三

I went to 921 Earthquake Museum with my English class classmates

Today I want to tell everybody about that today I went to 921 Earthquake Museum with my English class classmates.

When we need to go to our English class, and we are thinking about the field trip today, and we need to go to 921 Earthquake Museum.

And I have already been there about two times, and I told my teacher, but I don't know everything inside yet, because I forgot, and some of them I didn't see.

And that is the lucky thing inside unlucky thing, because the junior high school that is fall down, and there are nobody inside it.

There is nobody inside it, it is because that is in the sleeping time, so nobody will go to school when it is sleeping time.

There is only one day you will sleep at school like in my kindergarten, so this is not very hard to do, and there is a earthquake, and maybe will not happen.

If you are sleeping in your school, and there is a earthquake, and you can use some action to escape it, first thing you need to do is be quiet.

Then you can go to the big ground, maybe playground, and don't be close to buildings, because maybe they will fall down and, you will be hurt and maybe die.

And that is very dangerous, that is dangerous than what I think in my dream, and in my dream, everyone was alive, but now the real earthquake is much stronger than what I thought.

And you can hold the stick under your table, and wait for the end of the earthquake, then you can go out.

I think today I felt happy, because today I went to the 921 Earthquake Museum and all of the field trips are very fun, so this is fun.