2018年6月12日 星期二

Knowledge king live

Today I want to tell everybody about that this month, I got a game called knowledge king live, and that was not too hard.

If you think that is too hard, you can just fight Taipei, because Taipei is the easiest, and you can recite all of the answers.

Just like me, I recited all of the answers, and everytime I can easily win and the enemies are not too strong.

Everytime the computer just got it wrong, and I don't know why, they don't recite the answers, if they are strong like me, I will lose.

Now I am in Paris, and my sister is in Athens, and the next is London, then I don't know, and I'd like to tell you about the rule.

First you can choose the skin you want, and if you defeat a boss, you can buy the boss' skin, and it will give you some good things.

You can also use that skin you buy to be in your photo, and now I have a skin, she gave me two slices of the middle bag.

When I opened it, it gave me some money, and if I have money, I can play the game, if you don't have any, you can't go to play, so Taipei is 25, and Tokyo is 50, New York has lots of people, you need to defeat all of them.

I think today I felt happy, because today I tell you about this game, where are you at? You can tell me.