2018年6月2日 星期六


Today I want to tell everybody about today I downloaded a game called Matchsticks, and that was very hard.

Not all of them are very hard, because some are very easy, and I can easily know the answer, and maybe I can finish that in one second.

And matchsticks are very interesting, because lots of people will get wrong many times, but some people are very good.

Before I just use hint and ask my sister, now, maybe I can try to think, so this is very good for me, and I wish you can do that, too.

Everybody wants to be better than before, so let me tell you why, and what is the main things you can use, and that is very easy.

If you need to add two matchsticks to make a square ,and they already have a L, and how to do that, and I will tell you the answer.

Use one matchstick to the top of the square and one go to the right side, so you can know how can you do the harder one.

The question is you need to use four matchsticks to make two triangles, and give you a hint, you need to make the triangle bigger.

The answer is to use two to the right side, use one to the left side, one matchstick to the bottom of the triangle, and you can see the answer, there is another answer.

I think today I feel happy, because I learned about how to use matchsticks to fix the shape or make the shape bigger.