2018年6月4日 星期一

My Dad played 2048

Today I want to tell you about that my Dad played 2048, and that was the first time he played, that was very hard.

The first time he played is not bad, and very good, because he got 3345, and that was amazing, that is just the first time.

After that we watched a video, and that video tells you how to be very good at playing, and let me tell you the secret.

When you are playing you can go up or go left, and you can sometimes go right, but don't go down.

Make the biggest number at the top left corner. Maybe you can't do that and that is another secret.

That is because you moved them down, and the place that is at the top and left side is not the biggest, and maybe you got 2 or 4.

When my Dad was playing the second time, he played much better, because he got a score that I can't get.

He got 5360, and that was super amazing, some pros can be very good, but my Dad got high score in the second time.

That is just the second time he played, and that is my favorite Dad, that is the high score that I can't get in this life.

I think today I felt happy, because today I saw an amazing score, that is really good, I wish I can do like my Dad.