2018年6月1日 星期五

My mom and me are preparing what we need to do when we go Japan

Today I want to tell everybody about that my Mom and me are preparing what we need to do when we go to Japan.

And I felt excited, but I am scared when I am on airplane, because that is not safe, maybe that airplane will fall down.

If the airplane falls down, that is very dangerous, and all people in the airplane will die, so now lots of airplane don't fall down.

Everyone try to be good to go to another country, nobody wants to die, because every life is special, every people is not the same.

Nobody is the same, because maybe some people are white and some people are black, and the fingerprints are very different.

Only a little bit people have the same fingerprints, but that is hard to find. Maybe policemen use this to find bad guy.

My Mom used PowerPoint to show me what we are going to do in Japan, so we can easily know, and that is very good.

And my mom showed me a picture about swimming pool, I asked my Mom 'can I bring water gun?',and my Mom said 'yes'.

And I like the way when I use water gun, and I can skip the water. And we can count our KDA, the highest person is the winner.

I think today I felt happy, because I prepared with my Mom, and I thought that is fun, we can play lots and lots there.