2018年6月9日 星期六

Uncle Wang

Today I want to tell everybody about that today I played Uncle Wang in my grandmother's house, and I ate breakfast and lunch there.

I liked to go to my grandmother's house, because my grandmother is my family, so I already said I love my family.

And I also love my grandfather, because my grandfather will buy me some mangoes, and that is my favorite fruit.

Mango is very sweet, and sometimes mangoes will be sour, and now I am going to tell you the rule of Uncle Wang.

The first rule is everyone can get some money, but every Uncle Wang is the different, so I don't know how many you can get.

And you need to roll the dices, the person who has highest point can roll the dice first, and you can use your own money to buy the land.

If you go to your land and you can buy a house, if you buy a house, if another people go to it, then they need to give you more money.

And if you have three houses or four houses, you can buy a hotel, so they will give you lots of money, then you can buy some houses.

If you have more houses, you win, so you need to get more money, then you need to build lots and lots of houses, you can win easily.

I think today I felt happy, because I played Uncle Wang in my grandmother's house, and that was very fun, my Mom was strong.